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  • Clinically proven to substantially
    reduce water retention
  • Eliminate excess water & toxins from your bod
  • With anti-cellulite action


If not satisfied, we will
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Introducing the ALL NEW WaterOut XXL

We doubled the power of the
the old WaterOut to accelerate results.

You could lose all the weight in the world and still not look slim. WHY? Water retention. Excess water in your body makes your face and your belly look bloated.

We have loads of water coursing through our system - did you know that even your body fat is 10% water? Your lymphatic system, which is in charge of lymph, often gets overloaded due to hormones, diet, stress…

This results in water not being properly drained from tissues in your body.

You diet and you exercise, you do everything you’re supposed to, yet your belly refuses to go. The extra weight which you may believe to be stubborn fat is, in fact, excess water! With your body tissues overflowing in excess water, taking WaterOut XXL is like installing a tap and letting it all out. What a relief!

The missing link in your
weight loss transformation.

Clinically proven effects

Cellulite, swollen ankles, puffy face and a feeling of heavy legs are all signs that your lymphatic system may be having a bit of trouble with all the water. As a result, your weight loss process may be hindered or drastically slowed down.

WaterOut XXL with its DOUBLE POWER will take care of water retention thanks to the patented ingredient Cacti-Nea. Cacti-Nea has strong diuretic effects and will dramatically improve your lymphatic system function and get rid of excess water.

In addition, it will remove toxins from your body, while providing relief to your liver and digestion.

Why not help yourself?

The Cacti-Nea clinical study has shown that the ingredient substantially eliminates excess water compared to the control group!

Most of our initial users were happy with it, you will be too!


If not satisfied, we will
refund your money!

Don’t miss out! 40% OFF FALL SALE!

Handled, shipped and delivered within 3-5 working days

Waterout XXL brings
real results


Greatly decreased
water retention

Visible slimming

Significantly reduced
heavy legs sensation

Reduced Swelling of
ankles and calves

A few of our customers that trust Waterout XXL

Got rid of heavy leg sensation

“My legs have been feeling really heavy during my workouts, but ever since starting WaterOut XXL, I feel so light! 🤗💪

Emily T.

Feels great again

“I’ve been using this little beauty from SlimJoy for the last few weeks, and I can genuinely say I feel a lot better! 😍

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Detoxed successfully

“The only detox you need. 💯% natural 🍃 💯% visible”

Chloe S.

Regained lost energy

“Thanks SlimJoy! 👍 I’m feeling energised every morning again! 🔋 And I love what my scale says. 😜

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Innovative use of super fruit ingredients

Our patented natural ingredient formulas make WaterOut XXL a high quality solution that works!

The patented CactiNea™ ingredient contains the cactus fruit extract used in traditional medicine to get rid of excess water!

The patented SensiDrain™ contains a combination of sarsaparilla of Java tea, parsley, artichokes, milk thistle, dandelion and red vine leaf.

All you need to know about WaterOut XXL!


Is WaterOut XXL safe?

WaterOut XXL is completely safe. Rest assured, it’s made from top quality ingredients and has no unwanted side effects.

When will I see the results?

That’s determined by your anatomy and your weight, but most of our customers have seen effects within as little as 4 days. To be sure, stick with it for a minimum of 10 days.

How do I know if WaterOut XXL is the right choice for me?

WaterOut XXL is the right choice for you if:

  • areas around your ankles, calves or eyes are often puffy or swollen, especially in the morning,
  • you are only just embarking on a weight loss journey. It will kickstart the process, rid your body of toxins and help with sluggishness that often accompanies water retention,
  • you’ve already lost some weight but you’re just not seeing results in areas such as your stomach and your waist.

I’m sceptical. What if it doesn’t work on me?

WaterOut XXL guarantees a decrease in water retention in anyone who uses it. If you don’t see or feel any results and you’re not satisfied with the product, we will give you money back – in full. You stand to lose nothing but some toxins and extra water!

Waterout XXL is a step towards the body of your dreams

Take advantage of this limited time offer and get the body you’ve always wanted.

With its clinically proven effects, thousands of satisfied customers, safe and effective ingredients, our money back guarantee AND this special price offer, the stars have aligned – it is time to begin your transformation. Don’t let excess water drag you down! Test it for 10 days and we guarantee you’ll be coming back for more.

Box Contents: 10 sachets


If not satisfied, we will
refund your money!

Don’t miss out! 40% OFF FALL SALE!

Handled, shipped and delivered within 3-5 working days